Old School Nirvana Rehearsal Tapes

After searching for live footage of Nirvana I found this super gritty rehearsal video filmed in Crist Noveselic’s mothers house back in 1988. It was during the Bleach era and is pretty raw. With only a few friends watching them practice, Kurt Cobain sings while facing the wall. Regardless, the video is showcases the band before they blew up.

NERVANA? Say what?!

I realize I may be dating myself – revealing too much online about who I actually am – but I am so sick of 80’s pop culture nostalgia. I can’t remember anything about the 80’s and isn’t it time to move on and celebrate a new decade with a full shift in modern nostalgia? Yeah, yeah, Pretty In Pink was a great movie but let’s face it, all of my older friends in high school were driving up to LA to attend 80’s dance nights and that was back when the 90’s were ending!

Truth be told, my early nineties memories are pretty hazy and surely did not include all of the cool music stuff that happened during that era. Still, I remember watching all of the cool alternative rock bands being filtered through MTV once the corporate rule was starting to learn how to make a big buck, before MTV was utterly ruined. But seriously, I could live happily without hearing another Top 40 Hit from the 80’s ever again. Today, I continue to patiently await the day where the fad of 80’s dance nights are replaced in popularity with 90’s tribute bands…bands that I never got to see because well, they don’t exist anymore or they are totally lame now.

While participating in a little 90’s nostalgia via YouTube (yes, I was checking out some Babes in Toyland, Hole and Nirvana) I stumbled upon something that gives me a little bit of hope…

Introducing Nervana, an extremely convincing Nirvana tribute band based in the UK. Throughout the summer they have been touring their tiny island, spreading the 90’s nostalgia like wild fire. Yes, I know. The Nirvana story and hype has been beat to death so hard with tons of documentaries, conspiracy theories, an encyclopedia of books basically telling the same story and enough reissues or box sets to keep Courtney Love’s plastic surgery habit afloat until science figures out a way to bring people back from the dead.

Even though it is totally cliche, Nirvana changed my life. They were the musical gateway drug which led me into the compelling world of alternative / indie music. Without them – and the obvious musical connections tied to them (ie. Hole, Babes In Toyland, Bikini Kill, etc) – who knows if I would have discovered any of the pockets of lesser known bands I listen to today. I will totally be going to see Nervana if they ever make it to the States. Yes, they are probably just another example of the type of tool Kurt Cobain always hated but they are freakishly spot on in their look, performance and even the singer’s vocal approximation to Cobain himself. I never got to see the real thing and according to the video promo, I will be teleported back into the early 90’s, right before shit hit the fan.


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