A new performance video from Portland surf pop trio, Orca Team!

Orca Team…Proves Rock n’ Roll Saves the Night

Picture this: it’s cold and rainy on a typical Portland night and you have just been stood up. Suddenly, you find yourself alone in a strip club (which really isn’t your scene but you wanted to live on the edge for a night). There are no familiar faces – yet is jam packed full of meat heads… the world never seemed more lonely. You start to bike home, defeated, but refuse to let the night go to waste. You decide to swing by the Hungry Tiger Too – a dingy dive that is sort of making a rock n’ roll come back – to see what is happening. Once you arrive, you hear sounds of sunshine permeating through the windows. Such sounds are vaguely familiar. You grab a whiskey, and enter the performance room filled with girls in cute dresses, and guys gently bobbing their heads to the catchy tunes. Suddenly, your horrible letdown of a night turns into a miracle of synchronicity proving that rock n’ roll can save the soul. You realize you have just randomly walked into a random bar only to catch a free show by one of your favorite Portland bands: Orca Team. The trio is clad in matching outfits: tight yellow shirts and dark bottoms, slightly resembling bumble bees as they bob up and down to their uplifting montage of 60’s surf, garage, and soul! The night is looking a lot brighter from there on out.


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