Introducing Stockholm’s Originalljudet

Here at Outsider Music we want to learn about YOUR discoveries in the world of outsider made music. Thank you to our first tip-off by Sofia introducing us to Originalljudet.

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Originalljudet explores sonic territories of the old world. Their name translates into “Original Sound” and tips a hat to traditional musical wanderings of gypsies and Eastern European folk. Using a variety of instruments such as the baritone sax, clarinet, accordion and stand up bass, the group of musical aficionados meander in the free jazz world pulling influence from klezmer and orchestration in minor keys. Their songs are minimalist in nature and often somber, however, at times the tempo is propelled in what sounds like a drunken Yann Tierson steering a Viking ship with Tom Wait’s backing band in tow.

Listen to Originalljudet via their official website


One Response to Introducing Stockholm’s Originalljudet

  1. Anton says:

    I think its more Swedish than “gypsies and Eastern European folk and klezmer”

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