CAT POWER : Lo-fi Video collection

Before the diamonds, the all-star backing band, before Chanel and glossed up performances on famed late night TV, with her iconic indie rock entourage, Cat Power, Chan Marshall was the shy queen of the outsiders hoping to survive making it big and just play music for her own redemption. Fleeing a childhood corrupt with false dreams, mental illness and empty hopes, Chan Marshall leaves her Southern home to find herself in New York City.

Back in the ’90s, Chan Marshall was an outsider music hero. Her erratic live shows – dosed heavily on her awkward nature and insecurity of her own genius – drove her into the indie starlight and later to surpass insanity with critical acclaim. As we work on a larger feature by reviewing the first ever Cat Power biography, A Good Woman, written by Elizabeth Goodman, we’d like to spotlight Chan Marshall as she overcomes her own demons and begins what would become a legendary career.

Straight from her earliest fans and supporters, check out these lo-fi fan made videos from Cat Power’s premier shows during the ’90s. If you can see past the lengthy tuning sessions, painfully awkward stage presence, all apologies and lawless strum of a guitar you may find a diamond that will shine forever in indie music history:


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