PDX POP NOW FIND #2: Parenthetical Girls

I had heard of Parenthetical Girls, but didn’t have the pleasure of seeing them live until this past evening. As a bit of a gender bender myself, I was impressed by the flamboyance of singer Zac Pennington, a feminine soul with tight fitted pants, angel hair and immaculate skin, as he pranced around the stage while maintaining his operatic voice. At times, his Warhol-ish persona was one part Tommy Gnosis from Hedwig and the Angry Inch meets Morrissey, whose melodies flitted above jaded synthesizers and a percussionist whose technique embraced an acoustic vs. electronic juxtaposition. The music was enough to get me hooked to their songs through the week and let’s face it, they were a pretty band to look at. At one point the crowd separated like a red carpet sea, allowing Pennington to strut through like a runway model. Quite a character, yet, throughout the set, he timidly asked the audience if it was good. The verdict was yes. yes. yes.


One Response to PDX POP NOW FIND #2: Parenthetical Girls

  1. natalie ribbons says:

    Love this band!

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