Young & Wilder

Portland based garage duo, Young & Wilder need to get a room. Not just any room, but a desolate cheap motel off of a route towards Memphis, where they can have at it in the middle of nowhere. It’s true – the guy-girl duo have sexual tension so thick you would need a chainsaw to break through the sensuality. Oh the woes of the young and the wild. Curiously, the band’s bio reads like an old fashioned long-distance correspondence between would-be lovers. In fact, it’s hard to tell if the pair have given each other their minds, body, and soul – or only just a fraction of the puzzle. Until then, their new EP, Between You and Me should suffice to keep them – and their listeners – passionate about their undefined affairs.

The band is generously giving it up for free via Bandcamp, and you’d be a fool not to take it. The five song collection is in perfect contrast to the despair the upcoming winter tends to bring; each song is sizzling with retro sounding sunshine. Opening track, “Swamp Lady”, drives forward, with 60’s pop in the rear view mirror – perfect for any fan of the Ravonettes with Samson Wilder and Carolina Young’s impassioned vocals twisting and turning around each bend of a guitar string. “It’s Wrong” is a sunny California-esque jam telling the tales of forbidden love, clenching the thighs shut in agony. Between You and Me, Young & Wilder have made an infactuating first impression, intriguing enough to keep you looking forward to the next listen, and hot enough to keep you warm and fuzzy this winter.


One Response to Young & Wilder

  1. Not Ben says:

    Yo, this shit is straightup crazy good.

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