Yesterday, Kim and Alice of Eagle and Talon celebrated the victory of raising over $5,000 to release their new EP, In Manila, on their very own record label, BI/AKKA RECORDS. Today, the album is available to the public on limited pressing of 700 CDs, and the music may as well be the soundtrack to a crazy celebration that yes, art fans do come together to support the creators.

On Eagle and Talon’s previous release, Thracian, the self proclaimed “leotard-rock” duo began to experiment with garnishing their angular indie-pop with primitive electro devices. This trend continued in the writing of In Manila, maturing into a glossy, tropical jams that still stay true to Eagle and Talon’s talent for pop songwriting. The production is crystal clear on this record, showcasing both Kim and Alice’s golden vocal talents. This album is perfect to hold you over until summer. It is light and airy, and oh so catchy. Title track “In Manila” bounces in with great energy encompasses by a wave of vintage keyboards and disco beats. The album’s moodiest song, “Modified My Knife”, is in perfect contrast to the dancey numbers, and is a nostalgic look into Eagle and Talon’s musical past. With all of the money they raised, Kim and Alice plan on hiring some outside help in promoting this record and their killer project.

Out Today, Eagle and Talon’s In Manila. Visit their website to buy!


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