Song #2 Mix Tape. Side B

Finally finished my Song #2 mix! Here is track B. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find “Companas De Mission” by Aisler’s Set or “Tamy Faye” by Young People, but those songs are stellar too! I will be giving away a copy of this tape at my DJ set at Record Room 2/18!


Song No. 2 Mix Tape: Side A

I love making mixtapes! I love themes for mixtapes. So…I am currently compiling a mixtape of my favorite track twos. The second song of an album is very important. I find the second track is often one of the best songs of the album. It can recapture your attention after the initial track, while giving you some lift and excitement.

Here is what I have for Side A:

7.3.10 Playlist

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OMG, I am so happy to be referred to PLAYLIST.COM, where you can build and share your own playlist! Thanks poplife!

You can now look forward to a new weekly play list theme compiled by Outsider Music Press editor, Em Brownlowe.

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