MUSIC VIDEO MONDAY: Sinead O’Connor covers Nirvana

Sinead O’Connor’s haunting cover of Nirvana’s classic, “All Apologies”


The Dodos just broke out their 4th album, No Colors a couple weeks ago and are taking the show to the road! This is one of my fav tracks so far from the album.

A new performance video from Portland surf pop trio, Orca Team!

Music Video Monday hosted by Michelle Suzanne

Thanks a bunch to Michelle for holding down Music Video Monday throughout March! Give her some love for sharing her favorite classic music videos!

Michelle says:
I honestly could not decide between these two! post both! yay!!

Oh Boy by Buddy Holly
I have a serious crush on Buddy Holly. Before I really gave him a chance, I thought Buddy Holly was just full of silly pop songs. Once I actually listened to his songs, I had a hard time stopping. He has so so so so many great songs! I had a hard time finding good video of him singing anything other than Peggy Sue, but that is because he died in 1959 when he was only 22 years old! I still come across modern songs once in a while and I think hey… this is a Buddy Holly song! He is seriously rocking out in the middle of this video. While searching for this I read that Ed Sullivan pulled the power out on his guitar while he was playing because of the lyrics “all of my life I’ve been waiting, tonight there’ll be no hesitation…” Scandal! You can’t even tell because Buddy just doesn’t quit!

This Boy by The Beatles.

My parents were both gigantic Beatles fans and I lived about 7 years thinking that their song Michelle was about me every time my uncle or dad sang it to me! (I was named after it though!) I think this is a superbly underrated song by one of the best bands of all time. I am in love with the three vocal harmonies and how cute are these dudes and their matching suits! Aw I am swooning over here. I will seriously be first in line for the time machine if it ever gets invented.

Loop mistress, tUnE yArDs rocked SXSW!

SXSW was a blast. The best part was seeing Agent Ribbons play a few times. Check out this video Outsider Music Press took of their song “Don’t Touch Me” taken during their performance at the Wiretap Music showcase.