Black Mountain: Wilderness Heart

I am becoming obsessed with Black Mountain’s Wilderness Heart. The band released the album at the tail end of 2010, and has proven to be one of the best records of the year. Many of the songs are slowed down a notch, played out on acoustic guitars whilst showcasing rather intimate vocal duets between Stephen McBean and Amber Webber. The collection is rather soulful and folky in stark contrast to their face melting heaviness of their previous works. However, long time fans can still expect a few rockers including the title track “Wilderness Heart” which is becoming one of my fav songs in the new year.


Black Mountain Will Melt Your Face Off

Canadian rock band, Black Mountain, is coming to Portland this weekend to rock the Wonder Ballroom – and despite the winter chills, they are sure to melt your face off. It’s true, Black Mountain prevails over the plenthora of other “black” named bands. They are heavy. They are groovy. They are downright epic. Mixing together a combination of metal, prog, and psychedelic elements Black Mountain is another high five towards notable bands coming out of the great northern territory.