Hello dearest readers,

For now, I am putting Outsider Music Press on a hiatus. There are many exciting projects ahead, and unfortunately, I cannot keep up with updating this blog as much as I would like to.

Good news though – I am a staff writer for Sergeant Sparrow magazine. It is a really nice, glossy print zine ran out of the Martha’s Vineyard area, and covers all sorts of music and music culture. You can purchase the magazine in print or digital online.

My band, The Happening, is also prioritizing my time. We are gearing up to release our first tape and play more shows. Check us out on Facebook.

Probably most exciting – I have costarted a new tape label called Cassingle and Loving It Records with a friend. We will be releasing limited cassette tapes by our favorite budding artists. Check out our website and befriend us on Facebook for updates!

I value your readership since the beginning of this blog. I probably will return to it someday, but for now…. I leave you with this song: